FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions and their answers:

Question 1: What is the correct way to learn Maths?

Here is the right approach to learn Maths:
1. You must start with proper understanding of concepts.
2. Then attempt simple problems.
3. If you find any difficulty, go again for understanding concepts.
4. If you are perfect in solving simple problems, go for next level problems.
5. Repeat the process until you solve highest level problems.

Conclusion: Perfection is only a result of step wise upgradation.

Question 2: How video lectures help learning Maths?

For being perfect in Maths, understanding of concepts is compulsory. You can solve any problem only and only if your concepts are crystal clear. And for crystal clearing the concept, you must go through it again and again.

Sometimes Mathematical concepts are too tough to grasp in first instant so classroom lectures are not sufficient enough to understand the concepts properly because those are not repeated. With the help of video tutorials you can focus again and again on your weak area.

Conclusion: Repetition is mandatory for proper understanding of Mathematical concepts.

Question 3: There are a lot of video tutorials available on internet, why should I prefer yours only?

You should prefer any videos which fulfill followings:

1. Video content must be authentic. It must give you proper and correct knowledge. Before adapting all tutorials of any lecturer, you should check some video tutorials in which you are already perfect to check its’ authenticity and correctness.
2. Now if you find the video tutorials perfect and error free, then go to other videos of same lecturer in which you are weak. If this other video can help you to understand the concept properly then those video tutorials are perfect for you.
3. Subject must be covered completely, it must start with basic concepts and must end with advanced level for the concerned topic.

Conclusion: We don’t emphasis to prefer our videos only. Prefer any video, either ours or others, which is perfect as stated above.

Question 4: I saw your videos are not recorded in studio and don’t have that much of finishing touch.

Sorry but neither our lecturers are models nor we are a production agency. Our lecturers are perfect in helping you deep understanding of concepts. We concerned mostly on quality of education instead of flourishing the video.

What would have been better: representing the video by stylish model without knowledge or by least stylish but perfect knowledgeable lecturer? We choose second.

Conclusion: Foundation stone is never beautiful.

Question 5: I didn’t find my required course, why do you have very less materials?

Oh !! As we have recently launched this website, we have less number of courses. But we are adding other materials / videos very fast. You just fill below form, and we will inform you once we come with your required course.

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